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[PICPACK136]CEDE-Songs For Rumi [Jun. 14th, 2012|09:12 pm]
Electronic Scotland - Electronic Music Events




01-First For Rumi(2:12)
02-The Second For Rumi(4:36)
03-Third Track For Rumi(2:12)
04-An Indication For The Number Four Rumi(5:56)
05-For Whom - For Rumi(5:20)
06-Sixth Track For Rumi(3:46)
07-The Seventh Track For Rumi(4:58)
08-The Eighth Track To Rumi(5:58)
09-Ninth Track For Rumi(5:40)
10-Tenth Afterpiece For Rumi(1:40)
11-For The Eleventh Poem Of Rumi(1:46)
12-Twelfth Ode Rumi(2:48) http://archive.org/download/Cede-songsForRumi/Cede-songsForRumi_vbr_mp3.zip http://picpack.org.ua/content/picpack136cede-songs-rumi